The Influence of Training and Work Motivation on Soldier Professionalism with Job Satisfaction as a Mediation Variable

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Ambar Suwardi


The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) as part of the TNI is responsible for the defense and security operations of the Republic of Indonesia at sea. To carry out its duties, the operational readiness of the TNI AL system is very important. In this study the effect of training and work motivation on the professionalism of soldiers with job satisfaction as a mediating variable in Satkor Koarmada I. This research is a quantitative study with primary data, Structural Equation Modeling. (SEM) is used to analyze the data that has been obtained from the Satkor Koarmada I TNI AL. Based on predetermined criteria, the researcher obtained 200 respondent data which were analyzed using AMOS software. The results of this study indicate that training, work motivation and job satisfaction affect the professionalism of soldiers, training, and work motivation affect job satisfaction and satisfaction can mediate the effect of training and work motivation on professionalism

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