The Influence Of Halal Awareness And Halal Label On Purchasing Decision Of Korean Spicy Instant Noodles On Students Of The Faculty Of Economics, State University Of Jakarta

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Farrel Muhammad
Corry Yohana
Nadya Fadillah F


The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of halal awareness and halal label on purchasing decisions of Samyang noodles. The research was conducted in Building A of the Universitas Negeri Jakarta campus, and the population of the study consisted of students from the Faculty of Economics. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling, with 214 respondents, and the data analysis method employed Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results of the study indicate that the characteristics of the respondents are predominantly female, aged 18-20 years, and mostly from the 2018 intake. The hypothesis testing results show that the halal awareness variable has a significant effect on purchasing decisions with a Critical Ratio (C.R.) value of 2.317. However, the halal label variable does not have any influence on purchasing decisions.

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