Optimizing School Start Times for Improved Student Health and Productivity: A Review of Current Research and Recommendations

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Galuh Paksi


Suboptimal school start times have been associated with negative health and academic outcomes in students. Optimizing school start times may improve student health and productivity. This study conducted a traditional literature review of studies published between 2013 and 2022 to examine the effects of school start times on student health and productivity. A total of 11 studies were included in the review. The studies consistently demonstrated that delaying school start times is associated with improved academic outcomes, including better grades, higher test scores, and fewer absences. Delaying school start times also improves student health outcomes, including reduced rates of depression, anxiety, and obesity. Based on the evidence presented in this review, delaying school start times is a promising strategy to improve student health and productivity. However, implementation of later start times requires careful consideration of logistical and financial factors. This literature review provides strong evidence supporting the benefits of delaying school start times for improving student health and productivity. Policymakers and educators should consider these findings when making decisions regarding school start times.

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