International Scholars Network

International Scholars Network (Isnetwork ) is a global scientific publisher that was established as a form of concern for the development and distribution of knowledge for the progress of the world in general. In addition to publishing scientific journals of international repute, Isnetwork is also committed to providing support to students, lecturers and researchers in their efforts to write and publish in international journals, which is manifested in writing services as well as seminars and training.

What is Isnetwork’s Vision?

Become a world-class scientific publisher

Become a world-class scientific publisher

Publishing scientific journals of international repute where the results of research and thoughts of the world's citizens meet
Distribute scientific works of world lecturers and researchers to the wider community to make the world a better place
Providing the best writing services for students, lecturers and researchers in an effort to publish scientific works in national and international journals
Organizing seminars and training on writing and scientific publications, as well as other themes related to the development of life, to improve the quality of human resources

What are Isnetwork’s core values?

Global Standard
Isnetwork is committed to meeting international standards for publishing and managing scientific journals as a meeting place for research and thoughts from the world's citizens.

World class research
Isnetwork also encourages the quality and quantity of scientific publications by domestic lecturers and researchers to increase, so that they can continue to color the development of world science and technology.

Excellent service
Isnetwork is committed to providing the best service in terms of writing services and organizing seminars and training. It is a matter of pride and satisfaction for us when more and more national lecturers and researchers succeed in publishing their scientific works in international reputable journals.

Our Team

Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson